Thursday, September 16, 2010

Constructive Interference and the Quantum Observer

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The above recently posted youtube video is for a blog entry from March of this year called Holograms and Quanta. It returns to this familiar graphic from my book and animation:

This illustration points to some of the most central ideas to this project.

  1. Our reality is not continuous, it's divided into planck-length frames
  2. Holograms are created by interference patterns. Modern holographic universe theories suggest that our 4D reality is the shadow of a 5D hologram.
  3. The term "constructive interference" is very useful when talking about how consciousness participates in the creation of the universe each of us is observing (this is one of the conclusions I reach near the end of my book).
Here's how I summed this up in Imagining the Tenth Dimension: a new way of thinking about time and space:
Does the interference pattern we see in the ripple tank control its own results? Clearly, it does not.

But the lovely thing about the term “constructive interference” is that it gives us a second way to think about this concept: we can view consciousness as the moiré pattern that springs unbidden from the interaction of two patterns that exist in the ninth dimension and below. Or we can imagine that the pattern that we are experiencing as reality and mind is actively selecting its own pattern as it chooses to cause the meme system and physical system to interact: in other words, the pattern is choosing to “constructively interfere” as it creates its reality. This offers us the possibility that there are parts of our own consciousness that would be actively trying to select a path which, in the biggest picture of all, has the potential to move us towards the version of our universe that lasts the longest and flourishes the most.

Experimental Confirmation for String Theory Finally On Its Way?

Here's a link to a great article about a new theory from a team of scientists led by Professor Mike Duff from the Imperial College of London: the article is called "Scientists Say They Can Now Test String Theory". It talks about a new paper Professor Duff was the lead author on which shows a cross-connection between quantum entanglement and string theory models that describe black holes. He is suggesting that new experiments his team are now proposing could help to confirm or deny string theory. Check it out!

We'll continue this discussion of how the non-continuous nature of our spacetime is so important to understanding how constructive interference creates our observed reality with an upcoming entry called Cymatics, Gravity and Light. But first, we're going to take a little side trip to discuss some ideas from physicist Peter Russell in Light Has No Speed.

Till then, enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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