Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rob on the Peake Experience

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You may recall me mentioning Anthony Peake's work a few weeks ago in my blog entry Wrapping it Up in the Tenth Dimension. This week I had the pleasure of appearing on his show The Peake Experience: the above YouTube movie is about an hour and forty minutes of good conversation about the nature of reality and consciousness, and the interesting ways that Anthony's theories can be tied to mine.

Anthony is the author of Is There Life After Death? - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens We Die, and The Daemon - A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self. For more info on Anthony's brilliant work please check out these links:
His website is
His Forum is at
His DVD is available at
and His Facebook page:

Thank you Tony for the stimulating conversation, I really look forward to us doing this again some time!

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The Edge Columns said...

Came across your work via my 11-year old son, who loves your 10-D videos on YouTube. Well done! Curious about the life after death piece and will check it out.

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