Thursday, October 27, 2011

Timelessness and the Ultimate Ensemble

"The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Our universe arises from a breaking of an underlying symmetry."
- Rob Bryanton

If the universe had the least amount of entropy at its beginning, and Schrödinger described life as a unique process which creates "negative entropy", does that mean that in a sense he thought the universe was the most "alive" back at its beginning? Gevin Giorbran's remarkable insight, in his book Everything Forever, was that we're not moving from low entropy to high entropy with our arrow of time: instead we're moving from a high grouping order to a high symmetry order. I like this because it allows for a way to imagine a universal creative force which expresses itself throughout the world line of the universe, and which makes sense when we view our universe as a single data set from a timeless perspective. From our own vantage point, then, both time and anti-time represent the same thing: a naturally occurring return to balance. Ultimately our universe or any other arises from a breaking of symmetry, and "outside" of this system is a return to the underlying fabric of reality: the unobserved tenth dimension, the Ultimate Ensemble, the Teilhardian Omega Point, the Godelian "outside the system", the computational underpinnings behind digital physics or Tegmark's Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, ultimate enlightenment, or the Omniverse. And that's what we're visualizing with every single dimension in this project - how can we perceive any dimension from "outside" of itself, from the truest perspective, which is timelessness?

The video for Imagining the Ninth Dimension provides one way of thinking about this – it shows how each dimension, perceived in its entirety as a single timeless point, becomes a point on the surface of a finite but unbounded hypersphere in the next dimension. Physicist and author Frank Wilczek recently put forth two papers which add a very interesting spin on this idea of extra-dimensional patterns that reside within a timeless whole as well. Wilczek proposes that just as there are naturally emerging crystal structures in the third dimension, this same effect could be happening within what he calls “Time Crystals” as well. Does a phrase like Time Crystals sound like science fiction? You bet it does, but Frank Wilczek is a Nobel prize-winning physicist so we should take a serious look at this creative new idea.

And speaking of novel approaches to visualizing reality, next entry is going to be called Psychedelics and Surprises. Enjoy the journey! 

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