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Everything fits together.


Everything has a potential shape in the tenth dimension… but in the tenth dimension it remains as unrealized potential. Things don't really start getting interesting until we precipitate that potential into the dimensions below.

Everything has a place that it begins and a place that it ends: and my visual way of imagining reality allows us to envision how that is true for any idea, or any vibration, or any physical construct, in the universe, and the multiverse.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, this project began for me as a set of songs I had written about the nature of reality. When people didn't seem to understand what I was getting at, I imagined I would create a booklet to go with the CD, and that booklet blossomed into a 220 page book and a popular website. Here are six Big Ideas I've tried to sum up with the six songs that I've finished recording so far for this project :

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1. Everything Fits Together. As we come to understand the interconnectedness of our reality this becomes self-evident, but a lot of people in the world still have not gained this perspective, and they feel needlessly trapped in their lives because of that. By the time you have really imagined the tenth dimension, you have seen what the seers and mystics have been describing for millenia, but you have also seen what quantum physicists and cosmologists are trying to explain to us right now: what is the nature of reality?

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2.The quantum observer exists whether you believe in this concept or not. So. Whether you believe that everything in this world and this universe are the result of pure chance, blind determinism, and some lucky throws of the dice for cosmology and evolution over the ages… or whether you believe that what we are seeing is the result of a divine intent of some kind… the result, as what we are seeing at this moment will be the same. Both belief systems are compatible, because reality is viewing itself through an Unseen Eye, the “outside the system” viewpoint which Gödel showed us through his Incompleteness Theorems.

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3. Although there are ten dimensions to reality, all there really are for our own universe is seven, and one of those is the point in the seventh dimension that for our own universe represents the omega we are heading towards and the alpha we come from, all wrapped up as a single unmoving point in the seventh dimension (as I sing in ”Seven Levels”). This means there are really six vectors in our unique reality, and six degrees of freedom/six degrees of separation that tie us all together. When the sixth level is also the first level (like a mobius strip but in the sixth dimension, the quantum observer becoming self-referential/self-aware, the undulating snake grabbing its tail), we are left with the fifth dimension, which is where we really are (as Kaluza proved and Einstein eventually agreed after sitting on the idea for a couple of years). I believe that the golden mean and the stacked dodecahedra forming ubiquitous rotating helices show how matter, energy and memes are organized for our universe in the fifth dimension we are currently navigating through - Dan Winter has compiled some amazing insights into these ideas.

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4. From the Anthropic Viewpoint, the reason we're here is because we're here. Is that so bad? It is, if people in power are using fear and ignorance to keep you down, and placing themselves in more and more extreme positions of conspicuous wealth while promoting a system that lets there be starving children and needless suffering in the world. If you pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, you run the risk of being his puppet and his victim! My song takes the opposing viewpoints of determinism and a peaceful/joyful acceptance of the multiverse and pits them against each other throughout the song.

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5. One of the things modern society has taught us to be suspicious of is the integrated mind - despite the fact that, as my song ”Automatic” says, “we've all been running on automatic since we were back in the trees”. I believe Julian Jaynes got it right: what we think of as consciousness now is a recent development, probably from the last few thousand years, and prior to that time we existed in a more integrated frame of mind, where ideas for doing things and intuition (remembering the future that already exists) were heard as internal “voices in the head” that people of the time viewed as the voices of ancestors, or spirit guides, or the commands from a God. That integrated state is still one we all can fall back into without realizing when we're doing repetitive activities, and sometimes find we have to use when we're performing complicated or challenging physical or mental activities. A mind that is not constantly nattering on to itself with its narrator voice is a productive mind, and a healthy mind, and something that proponents of meditation strive towards.

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6. Sometimes you just have to find a way to relax, because tension and fear and hatred are your enemies. Even a short five minute meditation once a day can help to tune you into your own internal voices, let them be heard or let them be quiet, and can help to move you to a better place in the ten dimensions. Turquoise and White is my song about getting away, even if it's only for a few minutes in your mind. Indirectly, it's also about physical stance and how something as simple as adopting a more alert or a more relaxed posture can change mental attitude, and changing your mental attitude can instantly put you on a trajectory to a better part of the multiverse, even though your location down here on our limited fourth dimensional line doesn't change one bit.

What is reality? All we are is a set of ideas across the dimensions. And that is a beautiful and wondrous thing.

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Bateman said...

This is philosophy not science. I'd say you've been smoking funny stuff for awhile now ;).

I like the layout of your blog.

Mine is

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Ryan, thank you for bringing that up... comments like yours seem to surface from time to time, and it's an important issue to deal with.

As I have been saying from the outset, my way of imagining the dimensions is not about drugs. I have no experience with hallucinogens at all, and I certainly would not want anyone who visits my site to leave thinking the reason they don't understand what we're talking about here is because you have to take drugs to understand it.

In fact, the feedback I'm getting is the opposite: some people say my animation and book "blows their mind, but in a good way" because once they've begun to understand the usefulness of my visual way of imagining the dimensions they feel happier and more productive in their own world.

Does that make it philosophy? You bet! Is there a reason why philosophy and physics can't agree on the nature of reality, way down at the "essential truth" level? In fact, doesn't it seem like they should, if they're both true? That's why imagining the tenth dimension is about physics and philosophy and where the two ideas meet.

If my ideas are too far towards the metaphysical for you, you might want to check out Gevin Giorbran's , and get another perspective on the same set of ideas.


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