Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Our minds are all about recognizing patterns, sorting things out, finding sense within the noise. There are days when I feel plugged into a hidden world of synchronicity and surprise messages from the universe, and there are days when I feel like my poor ol' brain is not quite all there.

One of the things people like best about my way of imagining the ten dimensions is that it shows an intuitive and self-consistent visual picture of how reality could be constructed. As Tom Huston mentioned in the article in the current issue of "What Is Enlightenment?" about my project, I have been constantly surprised at the number of people who tell me that what I have portrayed can easily be made to fit with their own belief system and their own experience: from physics teachers to long distance faith healers, from excited kids to deep-thinking philosophers, from people of various spiritual backgrounds, to people who have taken various hallucinogens who tell me their visions are easily explained by my way of imagining reality.

Will my intuition one day be confirmed by science? That would be the most wonderful bit of synchronicity ever. I'm a composer, not a physicist! What drove me to create my tenth dimension site and its accompanying book was the feeling that I had stumbled upon something unique twenty years ago: the idea seemed so self-evident to me that I knew it was just a matter of time before other people would be talking about the same ideas. Three years ago, when I was forced to face the possibility of my own mortality (I almost bled to death on the operating table during a routine surgery gone wrong), I found the spare time and the resources to begin putting my ideas to paper, and, beginning last summer, to send them out to the world through the web. Twenty years ago I was a person out in the middle of the Canadian prairies, with no hope of being heard. Now, with virtually no promotion other than word of mouth, the beautiful social networking world of the internet has drawn over one and a half million visitors to my website. Web 2.0 is waking up to this new way of imagining reality, and I am no longer just some dude in the middle of nowhere with a crazy idea.

Once you have my way of imagining the dimensions in mind, you can see a way to combine free will and determinism, and how multiverses could exist “just around the corner”. But this is not just about our universe of matter and energy, it is also about the “quantum observer”: I propose that the universe of memes and spirit are interacting with the physical universe across these same ten dimensions to create forms of order, life, and the desire for continuance. Being interested in “what happens next”, I propose, is one of the basic dividing lines between inanimate molecules and the first building blocks of life, but it can also seem self-evident that our unlikely universe has been interested in its own continuance since the very beginning.

Every minute of every day, we avoid doing the things that will stop us from continuing along our line of time, and I wonder how many accidental death victims would tell you from the afterlife “I just didn't see it coming”, or “it was too late for me to get out of the way”: if you can see your own impending death, there might be a way for you to stop it from happening.

A few weeks ago I read an article about research conducted by scientists (including Nobel Prize laureate Brian Josephson) into our ability to see into the immediate future. If our future already exists as possible branches in the fifth dimension, then isn't that what we are sensing every moment we refuse to step off the curb in front of the vehicle speeding by? If I didn't have a sense of what is happening next, how could I carry on a conversation, or finish typing this paragraph? Even a goldfish can see far enough into the future to get out of the way of danger.

Likewise, I was reading this month's Wired magazine this morning, which has a great article about the research being done into athletes who seem to be able to predict the future and sense outcomes long before their teammates: could Wayne Gretzky's legendary ability to be able to make plays be borne in part from an enhanced ability to see the future?

Then tonight I saw a great new blog entry from "CP" on the zaadz website, entitled ”No One Likes You in the Future”, and I felt once again that the world is connected together in ways behind the scenes that we can only begin to imagine.

My song Everything Fits Together is about the same idea.

Enjoy the journey,



Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for sharing your insights and intuitions. I believe there is an awakening taking place that has been enabled by the web 2.0. I have also been putting my thoughts out into the universe through my own blog. Would you consider adding my blog to your links?


Anonymous said...

what do you think about the possibility of existence and non-existence in the same time of all the dimensions? because, in the way that my brain works, something is telling me that WE are making these dimensions.So, they ARE as in COULD.and ARE as in they WERE... hmm.making any sens? anyway, my view is that we are in complete control of them.
by the way.the way in which you told your short story, made me realize the the things in which we believe are always worth fighting for.. SO, thank you :)

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Anonymous, interesting thought. I would say that we are not so much making the dimensions, as we are choosing what parts of the dimensions we are going to observe. The idea that I've been promoting - that every possibility exists within an underlying framework from which our own unique reality springs - is appearing more and more often in mainstream scientific literature. This is another great example of how my ideas arrived at through Intuition are slowly becoming easier for people to accept, as their own observation of the world around them, and mainstream scientific theories, are all converging towards a similar understanding.

Thanks for writing!

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