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Waveforms in the Ten Dimensions

The simultaneous wave/particle nature of reality means that many things that appear to us as particles are waves just being observed in a certain state. By the time we have arrived at the tenth dimension as the enfolded timeless whole (as explained so well by Gevin Giorbran), we have finally reached what some people think of as God, or a state of enlightenment (as referred to in Tom Huston's article about this project in the current issue of What Is Enlightenment?, or the ultimate theory of everything.

In Imagining the Tenth Dimension, I spend a lot of time talking about triads, insisting that all dualities have a third option, which can be both, neither, or no choice. Our physical world interacts with a world of memes and spirit, and the third option that results can be life as we know it, or it can be just the timeless whole that represents every possibility contained within the multiverse. But the dualities of one order pushing against another as we move along our line of time (a line that is actually created by a series of slices, here we go again with that simultaneous wave/particle stuff) allow us to see that this instant in time is a slice of a waveform, and that waveform is reflected in the beautiful and complex universe that we see around us.

Waveforms are interesting, because one waveform can incorporate many different frequencies simultaneously. So, a simple single line drawn from the big bang to the end of the universe can be overlaid with the many different waveforms representing the many possible expressions of reality, and the organizing dynamics that push against each other to create the preference for one kind of reality over another in different parts of the multiverse.

One of the reviewers for my book on has this to say:

"The present exposition is an imaginative and strangely "musical" way of imaging superimposed dimensions--not surprising perhaps, since the author among his achievements also is a musician. Still, the treatise has relevance for physicists. It is also pleasurable to read."
(thanks for the kind words!).

I suppose, since I spend a lot of my work day staring at waveforms, thinking of reality as being a complex waveform precipitated from potentials contained within the higher dimensions doesn't seem like much of a leap to me. Once you arrive at this idea, you have a way of explaining entrainment (how like attracts like, how attitude affects outcome, how eating live veggies imparts healthful vibrations, how charismatic or depressed personalities can immediately impart their "vibe" to a room full of people, how "Sync" as described by Steven Strogatz can cause order to arise out of chaos, how thoughts become things, and so on).

Thinking of our reality as a waveform also shows how there are always certain sets of "you can't get there from here" points in our physical reality (both past and future), but how a reality of memes and spirit can move more freely across time and space. This week in the blog dedicated to lucid dreaming, "Dreaming Life" , host Ben Q. published an interview with me where we discuss some of those ideas. I encourage you to check out this fascinating blog on a regular basis.

One of the most unusual and convincing examples of how reality could be constructed from waveforms, and the possiblity that the mind can be used to change our reality came to me a few months ago from Deena Zalkind Spear, whose lovely book "Ears of the Angels" tells a story most of us would have thought unbelievable, had it not been collaborated by so many intelligent and sensitive classical musicians. Told with a self-deprecating sense of humor, Deena's book is a pleasure to read, and I recommend it highly if you're looking for something that will challenge your limited worldview of physical reality.

Finally, while we're talking about vibrations and waveforms, we have now posted my song "Everything Fits Together" to a site called "JamGlue", which allows you to remix all of the instrumental and vocal parts to the song in whatever way that pleases you (click on the Remix button to see the song as six sets of waveforms, and you may want to work through the tutorials on the site to see what the possibilities are). These "stems" (as we call them in the audio industry) can also be downloaded from Amie Street, so if you have an audio sequencer of your own, I invite you to cut and paste this material to your heart's content. And please, email me mp3s of any of your mashups of this song you think are worth listening to (rob at tenthdimension dot com), and I will post them at a future date. These songs are released under a Creative Commons license, basically this says you are free to play with and re-edit this material as long as you give me credit as the original composer, and do not sell your remixes.

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PS: The blog in which I originally published the lyrics to this song can be found here. And three videos of "Everything Fits Together" are below, just for fun:

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