Wednesday, February 27, 2008

26 songs

Every day for the last 26 days, I've posted an entry about one of the 26 songs attached to this project. Here's a blog entry that shows a single video for every one of those songs, and below are the links to all 26 blog entries devoted to each of the 26 songs. If you read these in order you will be gradually introduced to a number of the ideas from my book, which is an exploration of the ideas that extend out from my popular 11 minute animation.

i. Everything Fits Together
ii. Seven Levels
iii. Burn the Candle Brightly
iv. The Unseen Eye
v. Automatic
vi. Connections
vii. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
viii. Big Bang to Entropy
ix. Senseless Violence
x. Addictive Personality
xi. The Anthropic Viewpoint
xii. The End of the World
xiii. Blind Faith
xiv. I Remember Flying
xv. What Was Done Today
xvi. Turquoise and White
xvii. Change and Renewal
xviii. From the Corner of My Eye
xix. Positive Vibes
xx. Hang a Left at the Lights
xxi. Making It Up as I Go
xxii. Insidious Trends
xxiii. Secret Societies
xxiv. See No Future
xxv. What I Feel For You
xxvi. Thankful

Of the 26 songs above, 18 of them were written in 2002 (a year when I wrote 53 songs!). Most of the other 8 were written prior to that, with the oldest written back in 1983. So, for me, this exploration began 25 years ago when I first came up with my unique way of visualizing the dimensions, proceeded through my continuing exploration of mainstream science and philosophy and how my way of imagining reality could be related to so many different schools of thought, moved to the book which I began writing in 2005 and published in 2006, and the animation and website which were the last part of the project. Most people who find out about Imagining the Tenth Dimension do so through the animation, of course, which means they are following the ideas in reverse order from how I originally conceived them. Does that matter? Not at all, I just find it interesting. I sincerely hope that people will enjoy reading through the above 26 blog entries, as they do provide another way into imagining how our reality is constructed, and what that means to us down here in the lower dimensions.

Enjoy the journey!


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