Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song 10 of 26 - Addictive Personality

The tenth of the 26 songs is called "Addictive Personality". Scroll down below the following video for the lyrics and a brief discussion of how this song ties into the project. A blog post which lists all 26 songs, including 1 video for each song can be found by clicking here.

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This song is, in a way, a companion to song 9, "Senseless Violence" because it is also about the fifth dimensional paths each of us are taking, and the important cusps that can define a life. Thinking back to the image of the flatlander on the mobius stip, we can see how our one-eyed jack could be looping around and around, and yet still feel like he was moving forward. By the time we've imagined a reality that is defined by memes and patterns in the higher dimension, we can start see how this trap of the mobius strip could happen to us in the fourth/fifth dimension as well. Here's what the book says about this idea:

We all have to recognize that there are branches that are impossible to get to because they would require a leap through the sixth dimension, but that still leaves a huge range of fifth dimensional paths which each of us truly can get to from where we are at this moment. We are all travellers in the fifth dimension, each of us drawing a fourth dimensional line with our three dimensional bodies.

Sometimes people get caught in loops of addiction and abuse that trap them into circles, causing them to go back again and again to bad relationships, alcohol, or other drugs, with a feeling that there’s no way out. This is one of the pitfalls that the fifth dimension can set for people, as it offers an easy path to fold back to the same negative repetitions over and over again. There’s not much to say about this except that the fifth dimension offers many paths for escape as well, and the hardest part of the problem is usually identifying what is triggering the negative repetition and finding a way to break the pattern

music and lyrics (c) by Rob Bryanton (SOCAN)

Now it’s really only natural
It’s always been the same
That when something makes you feel good
You want that something again
But when that something starts to hurt you
And you just can’t let it go
And you wake up feelin poorly
But you wake up wantin more

Addictive personality, Addictive personality
Addictive personality

Is it nature, is it nurture
That got you to this place
Where you’re tradin your tomorrows
For what you’re trapped into today?
Is it the constant inundation
Of the media machine
Is it the way that you were brought up
Or just something in your genes?

Addictive personality, Addictive personality
Addictive personality

Every day is a new day
Every day you’re back to one
And today can be the new day
When you say you’re finally done
Or you can find some more excuses
That today will be the same
Cause it’s easy to continue
When you say you’re not to blame

Addictive personality, Addictive personality
Addictive personality

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MoebiusTripper said...

You might be interested in reading my recently published sci-fi mystery novel: "TIME TRIP ON A MOEBIUS STRIP" by D.Richard Lewis...In the novel I have a marine biologist travel along a giant metal Moebius strip in a vehicle that are all contained within a giant nautilus shell the biologist found on the beach as a child...He, with the help of the grandson of Professor Moebius, the discoverer of the Moebius strip, enter another dimension where they find 16 lost famous people of history and an angel hovering in a cloud...There is alot of theory on Moebius strips in my story which seems right up your alley...

Your website is very interesting...I might have written my sci-fi novel differently had I known about your website a year ago...D. Richard Lewis

Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks for your kind words, D. Richard Lewis. Please let me know when your book is published and where we can find it.

Actually, in my book I very specifically express the hope that science fiction writers should use the self-consistent way of visualizing reality that I'm presenting, because its open-ness as a framework allows for so many possibilities but shows how to avoid paradoxes and inconsistencies. I agree, your book sounds like an exploration that would interest me greatly.

Thanks for writing!


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