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Song 14 of 26 - I Remember Flying

The fourteenth of the 26 songs is called "I Remember Flying". Scroll down below the following videos for the lyrics and a brief discussion of how this song ties into the project. A blog post which lists all 26 songs, including 1 video for each song can be found by clicking here.

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words and music (c) by Rob Bryanton (SOCAN)
I remember flying
Flying so high
I’d push off from the ground
And pull into the sky
I would leave the surly bonds
Of gravity behind
I remember flying
From some other time

I remember floating
Ascending to the clouds
Achieving elevation
Then descending to the ground
I remember thinking
It was natural as can be
To be up there floating

I remember moving
In languid slow motion
Like some giant creature
Deep in the ocean
Flying, diving, swooping, soaring, climbing, looping, laughing, haha, yeah

I remember flying
From so long before
And I think that there will come a day
I’ll be flying once more
I remember flying
From more than my dreams
I know that I'm flying
Right now, right here,
always and forever.

Time for another quick review.

In song 13, "Blind Faith", we talked about how there must be some thing that just is. In Imagining the Tenth Dimension, that would be the unobserved whole of quantum indeterminacy, which is equivalent to the enfolded zero of timelessness which Gevin Giorbran describes so well in his book "Everything Forever".

In "The Anthropic Viewpoint", we talked about the physics concept of the multiverse, and how it tells us there are many other universes other than our own that would each be tiny slices of that unobserved quantum fabric, different manifestations resulting from the push and pull between grouping and symmetry that occasionally result in universes as organized as our own.

In The Unseen Eye, we talked about the role of the quantum observer, and how each of us are really our own quantum observer operating within our own observer-region, collapsing/observing one reality chosen from the many realities available to each of us at any particular moment via probabilistic branches at both the quantum and macro level. In songs like Burn the Candle Brightly, Connections, and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep we explored ways that part of that quantum observer could be the underlying driving force behind life itself, as the thing that connects us to each other, and as the set of patterns in the information that is reality, which can exist outside of linear time.

This song continues that line of reasoning. How common are dreams of flying? According to the popular Flying Dreams FAQ by Linda Lane Magallón, more than a third of the populace recall having had dreams of flying. Such dreams have been reported in ancient civilizations around the world, so they are part of the human condition and not just a product of modern times. This song springs from a simple question: why are flying dreams so common? It proposes the answer: because if each of us part of a system of beliefs and memes that exist outside of our limited 4D spacetime, then we might be able to at least subliminally remember what it was like/will be like to be part of that system when that "tiny spark within us" moves outside of our body. Is this about the eternal soul? If you like to describe it that way, sure. Is this about the nature of memes as organized patterns within the information that is our reality? That's another way of thinking about this.

Dreams of flying can and do happen. They have not been invented to explain this way of visualizing reality, but this way of visualizing reality offers of a way of explaining why those dreams are so common. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Do you know about lucid dreaming? Are you able to use meditation (or other altered states of the mind) to visualize and connect to other modes of being, other realms, other dimensions, other probabilistic branches? These ideas are all part of the same discussion. Hopefully, if you have been following the logic of these songs, you will see that we are exploring a way to explain these manifestations that acknowledges that the scientific and the metaphysical viewpoints are both pointing at the same thing.

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