Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crossing Your Arms to Change Your Trajectory

A direct link to the above video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr5BKZPnHbc

There's a news story circulating in the last couple of days about a new study that indicates that people who fold their arms will, without even being aware of it, increase their perseverance and activate their unconscious desires to succeed. The researchers gave random selections of university students a set of problems, some of which were unsolvable. Before the study began, some of the students were instructed to sit with their arms folded, and researchers were surprised to see a strong correlation between this body stance and the number of people who kept trying to solve the unsolvable puzzles. The results of this study were published in the most recent issue of the European Journal of Social Psychology.

It's so simple: attitude affects outcome. As physical creatures, our physicality affects our interface with reality, our attitude. This is why simple techniques such as breathing exercises, meditations, guided visualization, regular physical activity, and even changes to physical stance like folding your arms can so easily affect a person's trajectory as they twist and turn in the fifth dimension. Here's a quote from chapter nine of my book:

Have you ever met someone who claimed they had been too busy to get a cold, so they continued working and stayed healthy? Perhaps that person also mentioned that after a month or two they took a break and suddenly the cold sent them to bed. What is the mechanism that could allow a body to avoid or at least stave off a virus for so long, while others nearby are immediately struck down with the same virus? Could this be an example of people finding a way to collapse a different quantum reality simply through their desire to do so?

Back in my blog entry Information Equals Reality, I worked through a simple visualization technique that involved nothing more complicated than sitting up straighter in your chair:
We can ... move ourselves to different trajectories within our probability space. Try this one: imagine a warm ball of energy starting at the base of your spine, gradually working its way up your back, making you sit up straighter, creating a radiant glow out through your shoulders and the top of your head that opens your eyes wider and makes you feel more alert. Do you feel it? It really is that simple to change your energy, because it's all just information. Think about this: just standing up straighter, you might say, improves your body mass index (my son the med student will say "not really", but he's the one who said this to me as a joke, and I still think it's a useful idea)!

My song Turquoise and White is also about using attitude and physicality to change our trajectory. In a blog entry about that song, I say this:
Why should meditation cause things to change about our physical reality? Why should ritualized physical activities like Tai Chi cause people to think more clearly, become more "centered"? Why should changing our physical stance, or breathing more deeply, or even just making a conscious effort to smile more be able to change so much about the mind? These ideas are all part of the larger concepts we've been exploring here: what does it mean to be a quantum observer, occupying a physical body, navigating through the information that is our reality?

In my last blog, I talked about the idea of us as flatlanders in the fifth dimension, unable to see the whole picture because there is no way for us to be lifted above our fifth dimensional plane to see the whole picture of state space for our universe. But just because we can't see the extra dimensions doesn't mean that we can't use simple tricks that affect our physicality and our mental attitude to harvest the potentials that exist within the information that becomes our reality: and that's a powerful idea. But it's also a double-edged sword, because depression, disease, and other negative loops can affect our fifth-dimensional trajectory just as easily. Next blog: Everyone Has a Story.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

I just found your video on you tube and I am amazed at how beautifully simple you were able to transmit some of the experiences I have had about time and reality.

However, I disagree with what you are discussing here about the ease with which someone can change reality just by thinking of it. Particularly, the part when you talk about the ball coming up through your spine and making you feel more alert. I feel there is a big difference between getting the sense that you are alert vs. really being alert on a deeper level. You could perceive yourself as being more alert, but that wouldn't necessarily mean that you are more alert.

To illustrate this I'll go back to a conversation I had with a renowned vedic astrologer and a few other people. He was sharing how astrology can be used to see possible outcomes in the future, latent tendencies from the past, times of accidents - or death - opportunities for change, etc...
One of the people in the group when on to ask if it wouldn't be dangerous to tell someone about the bad things, as he/she would be predisposed and make those bad things a reality, just because they were suggested. He then replied that he wished it were that easy and that if people were able to create these 'bad' things with such ease, then why weren't they creating the good ones too. He then added that his experience showed that over and over again people would fall into the same patterns without changing, even when he told them about all the magnificent latent possibilities available.

I pretty much agree with him. Thinking about things only isn't necessarily going to create changes. It is precisely because we don't have access to those higher dimensions that we cannot change things. Besides, I feel that the realities available 'higher up' aren't necessarily available - operationally available - from the usual ordinary mind. Hence, things can be just mind trips...

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi lifebeyondlife, I agree that the "feel the energy coming up through your spine" example is simplistic, and that one minute is not going to going to change somebody's world all by itself. On the other hand, I've heard from a number of people who had never tried any sort of meditation or positive visualization techniques and found the experience of that little visualization remarkable.

Your example of people who are caught in loops where they repeat the same mistakes over and over is definitely part of my way of visualizing the patterns that create our reality. And I agree, just telling someone that there is a way out of the trap they're caught in, (and this includes addiction, abusive relationships, etc) is not what's going to fix things for them, because that change still has to come from within.

My blog entry "Changing Your Genes Part 2" is about this:


The recent scientific studies showing that a change in lifestyle and adding daily meditation to the routine can actually change someone's genes, (a concept I would have considered as being too "out there" until I saw these studies) does also fit in with the hope that people really can find their way out, that their future is not written in stone, and the hand of cards they've been dealt can still result in a better outcome than what their astrologer or their doctor tells them.

That's my take on it anyway. Thanks for writing!


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