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Your Fifth-Dimensional Self

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Quotes from a couple of emails received in the last few days:

Your book opened a lot of "thinking" doors for me. It really expanded my horizons... - David Levy, Florida, USA
When I stumbled (is there really such a thing?) across it via the internet I had a sensation tantamount to a quelling of unease and an allaying of confusion. After devouring the book I have had a feeling of "belonging" in the scheme of things. - Richard Ruff, McMahons Creek, Australia
And a quote from a new review of the book at
This book is excellent for a reader looking to expand their horizon on something more than what is in front of them. It gives you an opportunity to think of all the possibilities you have in life. - C. Leonard

Just a few blogs ago we talked about the "Flipbook Universe" analogy. While digital physics shows how that imagery works for the really big picture of how one universe comes to be selected from out of the omniverse of all possible multiverses, it also works at a very personal level.

Your Fifth-Dimensional Self
Time is a direction in the fourth spatial dimension, a line that is knit together by choosing one possible future out of the probabilities available from instant to instant in the fifth dimension. This means that there is already a version of you in the fifth dimension that from this moment forward has made the best of every bad situation, has made every choice they know in their hearts is the right one to make, and has lived the longest and happiest version of their life.

This also means that there is already a version of you in the fifth dimension that from this moment forward has made stupid decision after stupid decision, has destroyed their future, or has suffered from bad luck and the hurtful actions of others, and as a result has died very soon from now. That version of you, by virtue of hardly lasting at all, is the version which has almost no connection to the bush-like branching structure of future selves that we're imagining here: in other words, unless your death is truly imminent and unavoidable, in the fifth dimension that version is only a tiny subset of your possible future selves from this moment forward.

Let's talk about that first version of you some more. From the moment you were conceived, there was already that one happiest, longest-living version of you, extending out in a specific spime, or as we say in the tenth dimension animation, a specific "long undulating snake" representing a particular version of your timeline viewed from the fourth dimension. That idealized target will change over the course of a person's life, and all but the purest-living and luckiest of us will already have a best-available-future-path that is not as long-lived as the one that was available back when our life started: this is not the point of our discussion. Rather, the point is that there is always a future path available from any person's "now" that will represent the optimum set of choices they could possibly make from this moment onwards.

Many Worlds, Many "You"s
In the Imagining the Tenth Dimension project, we have spent a great deal of time talking about Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation, spacetime trees and quantum probability spaces, but we have also talked about the "beautiful blossoming potential of a newborn child" and the "angels of possibility that swirl around a toddler's head" (phrases from my book): all of these discussions keep taking us back to the idea that genes, memes, and spimes are all just patterns in spacetime, and shadows of higher dimensional forms.

In a previous blog entry about my song "Turquoise and White", we talked about the possibility that meditation allows people to connect across time and space to that optimized version of themselves. EEG studies of persons in a meditative state show suppressed activity in the parietal lobe, the part of the brain that people use to anchor themselves in time and space: this interesting connection is also discussed in previous blog entries and in my book.

How Much Control Do We Have?
Does this idea of a constantly adjusting "best" version of each of us for our available future paths offer hope to someone trapped in addiction or other negative behavior loops? Of course it does. Does this mean a starving child in Africa will become rich and powerful if only they make the right decisions? Sadly, in terms of probability, the answer is most likely to be "no", but we all are attracted to the occasional story of someone who has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds: and that's true whether we're talking about achievements through hard work and determination, or lucky lottery winners, or the indomitable spirit of a person who has made the best of a difficult situation.

As you create your one fourth-dimensional path, twisting and turning one planck length at a time in the probability space of the fifth dimension, there is a best possible you that you could be headed towards right now.

How's it going?

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

So, if there are infinite timelines and such, does that mean , that somewhere,sometime, i have married Jessica Alba?

Rob Bryanton said...

Yes, that's what the Many Worlds Interpretation says. Another commonly used example is this means there's a version of our universe where it's 2009 and Elvis is still alive!

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