Friday, May 16, 2008

Top Ten Tenth Dimension Songs

As part of this way of visualizing reality, I wrote 26 songs. For 26 days in February '08 I published a blog with discussion, videos, and lyrics for each individual song. Now that visitors have had some time to view those blogs, some entries have become more popular than others - whether that's because of the discussion, the videos, or the lyrical content for any one of these songs is hard to say, but it seems easy to conclude that different entries have been viewed more for different combinations of reasons (naturally!).

Since my goal with this project was just to see my ideas getting out into the world, I'm completely fine with the fact that some ideas seem to have gained more traction than others: in our world of connected memes and shared experience, this is what it's all about. Here, then, as picked by you, the readers of this blog, are the top ten blog entries for specific songs that are part of this project:

1. Song 22 of 26 - Insidious Trends
2. Song 23 of 26 - Secret Societies
3. Song 8 of 26 - Big Bang to Entropy
4. Song 1 of 26 - Everything Fits Together
5. Song 2 of 26 - Seven Levels
6. Song 5 of 26 - Automatic
7. Song 25 of 26 - What I Feel For You
8. Song 4 of 26 - The Unseen Eye
9. Song 11 of 26 - The Anthropic Viewpoint
10. Song 17 of 26 - Change and Renewal

A blog entry that lists all 26 songs and shows 1 video for each is here.

Over at it's a somewhat different collection of songs which have bubbled up to become the most viewed, and again I'm left to guess as to whether it's the video presentation or the song that has made certain songs see more repeat views than others. Here are the top ten songs as posted at revver:

1. Everything Fits Together
2. Secret Societies
3. The Anthropic Viewpoint
4. The Unseen Eye
5. What I Feel For You
6. Turquoise and White
7. Seven Levels
8. The End of the World
9. Thankful
10. Addictive Personality

And finally, here's the most viewed tenth dimension song video at revver. The video editing is by Ryan Hill, and it's for my song Everything Fits Together:

A direct link to this video is at, and the entire collection of tenth dimension videos (including songs and clips from the live TV show) can be viewed at

Thanks everyone, for sharing these links and supporting this project. And as always, enjoy the journey!


P.S. - If you're interested in downloading high-quality mp3s of some of the tenth dimension songs (or a pdf of the book or a hi-res quicktime or flash of the original eleven minute visualization), please visit the tenth dimension digital store: .

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