Friday, May 29, 2009

Top Ten Tenth Dimension Blogs May '09 Report

Regular readers of this blog will remember that for much of 2008 I was posting monthly updates of the most popular blog entries here:

. April 08 . May 08 . June 08 . July 08 . August 08
. September 08 . October 08 . November 08 . December 08 .
Top 100 Blog Entries of 2008.

Back at the end of March we looked at a Top 26 blogs 1st Quarter 2009 Report. At the time I noted that a glitch in the transfer of Feedburner over to Google had resulted in more long term reporting being messed up, and that's why these monthly updates haven't been able to happen this year... but I'm pleased to report that as of a few days ago this has been rectified.

So, let's get back to it! Here are the top blogs for the last thirty days:

1. Mindwalk and Twitter
2. Polls Archive 35 - Do We Come From a 5D Hologram?
3. Polls Archive 36 - Do Plants Use Quantum Effects?
4. Polls Archive 34 - God? Or the Multiverse
5. Polls Archive 37 - Do shamans see other Dimensions?
6. News From the Future
7. Polls Archive 38 - Do musicians have more empathy?
8. Polls Archive 39 - Can memories be transplanted
9. The Stream
10. WWF Augmented Reality

And as of May 29th, 2009, here are the twenty-six Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog entries that have attracted the most visits of all time. As you'll see if you compare this to the last time I had a properly tallied list, the much larger (and growing!) number of people visiting my blog this year has definitely weighted this list towards blogs written in the past six or seven months.

1. Creativity and the Quantum Universe (new)
2. Slices of Reality (new)
3. Augmented Reality (new)
4. The Holographic Universe (new)
5. Urban Garden Magazine (new)
6. Modern Shamans (new)
7. Scott McCloud and the Brothers Winn (new)
8. The Comedian (new)
9. The Shaman (new)
10. Astrotometry (new)
11. Our Non-Local Universe (new)
12. Going to the Light (new)
13. "t" Equals Zero (new)
14. You have a shape and a trajectory (new)
15. New Translations of Imagining the Tenth Dimension (new)
16. Illusions and Reality (new)
17. Where Are You? (new)
18. The Musician (new)
19. Dark Gravity Across the Dimensions (new)
20. Dr. Mel's 4D Glasses (2)
21. The Big Bang and the Big O (new)
22. You are Me and We are All Together (1)
23. Google Suggestions - March 09 Update (new)
24. I Know You, You Know Me (3)
25. The Time Paradox (new)
26. Scrambled Eggs (4)

By the way, if you're new to this project, you might want to check out the Tenth Dimension FAQ, as it provides a road map to a lot of the discussions and different materials that have been created for this project. If you are interested in the 26 songs attached to this project, this blog shows a video for each of the songs and provides more links with lyrics and discussion. The Annotated Tenth Dimension Video provides another cornucopia of discussion topics to be connected to over at YouTube. And as always, here's a reminder that the Tenth Dimension Forum is a good place to converse with other people about these ideas.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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