Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Video: Poll 74 Twins Photons and Mass

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Next: Poll 82 - Does Information Equal Reality?

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European philosopher said...

I watch your blog and youtube clips now and then and appreciate your creativity and ambition to teach people about modern physics with visuals and entertaining pedagogies. However, when it comes to a higher level of more explicit philosophical questioning, there are some problems with this mix of spiritual creativity and hard science which in European philosophy use to be addressed as the problem of "onto-theology". This could also be described as the problem of dualistic self-grantedness in metaphysics and religion due to a very old split in its restless tendency to reach an overall systematical shape or message, and the lack of an essential philosophical questioning with the strength to dwell in the abyss of the question itself.

When putting up a question such as "Does information equals reality?" you are touching upon a problem which extends far beyond both science, maths and religions and mysticism, as we, while entering this question to immediately, will always be stuck in certain complementary interpretations of what this equality really is and means - mainly either a mathematical concept that describes identity as sameness, or a mystical, in which one is supposed experience the world as a equal with once one thoughts and therefore gives expression to the existence in beings-as-a-whole. However this split already belongs to a specific philosophical interpretation of equality enacted by different old philosophers, like Aristotle(harmony - correspondence - homoiesis), a dualist subject-object interpretation which modern philosophers like Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger devoted a lot of work to change and transfigure.

In Heideggers philosophy, to take the most recent as an example, equality is never just a simple connection of correspondence, but a bridge and a transformation, which itself requires a specific access in form of a thinking leap. And if M-theory is touching upon this question of equality, it will have to decide which path to follow to not be stuck the old dualistic tradition whos non-access will always show itself in two different ways: either a bit to hard mathematical paradoxes (Zenon, Gödel and Hawkings use of those for physics) or a bit to weak equalities, where no-limit imaginations of pure speculation turns all further questioning in this field into subjective world-pictures and nonsense.

Do you personally have any thoughts about this connection between modern physics and modern philosophy? I warmly recommend "Identity and Difference" by Martin Heidegger for further reading in this subject, a short essay in which he develops a multidimensional concept of timespace dissociated to traditional science and religion, but not incompatible with latest physics.

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