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Poll 79 - Does Gravity Come from the 5th Dimension?

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Poll 79 - "In Einstein's view of the universe, gravity is pictured as a bending of the 'rubber sheet' of our spacetime. If our 'sheet' was a 2D plane, we'd see this bending as being through the 3rd dimension. This shows us gravity comes from the 5th dimension." Poll ended March 28 2011.   63.3% agreed, while 36.7% did not.

Interesting fact: what is the speed of gravity? Most physicists agree that it's equal to the speed of light. The thought experiment often used around this conundrum is "what would happen if the sun suddenly ceased to exist?". Since the light from the sun takes roughly eight and a half minutes to travel from the sun to the earth, this means it would take that length of time before we were plunged into darkness. But what about the gravitational attraction that keeps the Earth in orbit around the sun? It turns out that the answer is the same: if the sun suddenly disappeared, it would take roughly eight and a half minutes until the Earth would be flung out of the solar system, since the gravity of the sun would no longer be there to keep us orbiting.

Here's a link to a New Scientist article from 2003 about the first measurements taken that prove this concept. How does all this relate to my approach to visualizing the dimensions? Let's return yet again to a diagram I've been showing you this year which seems to sum all this up nicely:

Both the speed of light and the speed of gravity are illusions, created by the non-continuous nature of our reality. The jury's still out on whether gravitons really exist, but if they do they would be just like photons: from their perspective, past present, and future are simultaneous. But from our perspective, reality is divided at the fifth dimension into a series of "Now"s that are each one planck frame after another. This is why for us looking into the night sky filled with stars is looking into the past, and why it would take eight and a half minutes for disaster to strike if the sun's gravitational pull on planet Earth were to suddenly disappear.

According to my approach to visualizing the dimensions, our observed universe is an interference pattern, a holographic projection, created at the fifth dimension by the interaction of gravity and light.

For more about all this, read my blog entry The Holographic Universe, or click here for a collection of all my blog entries tagged with that topic.  And enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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flymaus said...

flymaus here-
Respectfully, I think the new scientist experiment on 'speed of gravity' is sloppy science. Reworking the equations of general relativity to suit the experiment solving for speed of gravity is pre concluding the outcome of the experiment. The speed of light is constant by DEFINITION in our universe. Measuring distortions of radio waves around mass would show the speed of radio waves in gravity. Not the speed of gravity. I've said before if you can warp space to violate / exceed the speed of light. then you've proven that gravity is different than the speed of light's constant. Think black holes. What about gravity in the presence of laser experiments where light is slowed down? Is gravity's speed altered there too? -doubt it- . Then gravity's speed is not the speed of light. What about light being bent in a medium is gravity changed? Through water when light is bent? when c is changed due to relativity is gravity changed? Can you imagine gravity going through the universe exerting pull- being altered by all the speed of light relativity adjustments for all the mass interactions in the universe -simultaneously?

Gravity is what we call a space-time distortion. Gravity IS the effect on space time by mass/energy. Because of it, like "warping", there is no violation of c, because space-time is altered.

In all the above, examples, where light is being altered, is the mass changed? Conservation of energy says no.

Quoting the experiment "From that they worked out that gravity does move at the same speed as light. Their actual figure was 0.95 times light speed, but with a large error margin of plus or minus 0.25."

Does that error range of .5 (=/-.25) on a result of .95c, seem like a valid experimental measurement? That's a possible 26% error on either side of the result. That's like me saying I measured the speed of a car going 95 mph... I am proving that speed (and also that road moves under the car) at 95mph... But I could be off... the car (or road) could have been going 69mph to 121mph. Of course in this case 1.21c? no that doesn't work, because the margin of error is OVER the speed of light by 21%.

reminds me the cold fusion -proved- back when I was in college. That was sloppy and was disproven.

Did someone get a doctorate out of it, or this? It's strikes me as a sloppy PHd dissertation.

What are your thoughts? thanks for reading!

flymaus said...

I was hoping -someone- would comment. :-)
Because this seems to be important, at least in describing a force in our universe as basic as gravity. I believe gravity is not limited to speed of light to communicate it's affect or force- I believe it is "built in" to the universe -outside of time- i.e 5th dimensional..In other words extra dimensional.
Gravity as the affect of space time distortion by mass.

Either description works right? -and isn't limited to c (speed of light)or time, right?

Because if gravity has a speed then it's a wave or a particle. And I think -that's the error- if space time is bent by gravity (it is) then measuring it's effects BY measuring light/radiowaves/wavelets through it, is where the problem is.

In the same way a warp drive wouldn't be limited by c. Because it's the medium of space time that is altered not c.

Black holes and dark matter, my previous post, are clues to this... I need help working it all out- any thoughts? Fascinating stuff Rob Bryanton, thank you for your body of work!

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