Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poll 80 - What is "NOW"?

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Poll 80 - "What is 'now?
#1. Even though I know it took years for a star's light to reach me, that light is reaching me 'now'.
#2. 'Now' is what's entangled with this very instant, and that's how the quantum world's 'spooky action at a distance' effects occur."
Poll ended April 23 2011. 21.2% choose answer #1, while the remaining 78.8% chose answer #2.

I already remarked in my blog entry for Photons and Free Will that I was cheating a bit on this question, as in my opinion the correct option -- #3 "both of the above are correct" -- wasn't even provided as a choice. In my experience, whenever there's an "all of the above" choice in a poll question like this, that's the more likely one to be correct, and that's why I didn't provide that option here, because I wanted people to think carefully about their answer.

After all, what's wrong with answer #1? Isn't a distant star's light reaching me "now", even though I know that the light I'm seeing is actually from an image of that particular star that's many years in the past? I could have stated answer #1 more forcefully, to ask if people agree that the "now" of when that photon was generated, and the "now" of when it reaches my eye are (from the photon's perspective) both simultaneous. I wonder how much that would have changed the results?

Here's that video for Photons and Free Will again, which was just posted to YouTube last month.

Next up is the new video for Rebecca Black and QWOP. Enjoy the journey!

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rkmnyc said...

It is interesting to me me you should ask if a basic 2D Quantification of space time is inconsistent with "Reality". I get where you are going with the query. It is my belief that this moment has both occurred and failed to occur in a harmonoius relationship in order for us to observe or experience it. This is truly the crossroads of time which could be argued as the consciousness of god. To see this as a replay looses the weight of it's existence in a "dimension" which is beyond time, therefore repetitive in it's essence. Think a xerox or human memory. Eternal but evolving, no photo is seen twice. The Energy lost and disturbed by our observation is similar to dark matter or a black hole. The loss of both energy and matter is quantifiable but beyond our scale. We are building this but it hiccups an eternal loop.

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